Duke University Awards Degrees to 404 Engineers

May 11, 2008

Duke University and its Pratt School of Engineering awarded degrees to 230 undergraduate and 174 graduate students May 11 and engineering Dean Robert L. Clark said Pratt’s graduating seniors are ready to help tackle some of the many challenges facing the nation and the global society.

“You are about to accept a much greater responsibility for yourselves, and as engineers, for all of humanity,” Clark told a standing-only-crowd of graduates, and their friends and families gathered in Duke Chapel. “I say this because engineers solve problems. And there are a number of challenging problems facing our society today.”

“While our basic training in engineering can help us provide technological solutions to these problems, we must also understand the global landscape — political issues as well as the differences in perspectives in religion and culture that vary from region to region — to succeed. Fortunately, the training that you have received here at Duke University prepared you, like no other engineering student in our nation, to embrace these challenges.”

Following Clark’s address, Lee Pearson, Pratt’s senior class president, said: “As Pratt graduates, we cannot solve these problems tomorrow, but we now hold a powerful degree and an awareness of the issues at hand. We must act. ... I am confident we are ready for the challenge.”

Pearson, of Spokane, Wash., is a double major in civil and environmental engineering and biomedical engineering. He was selected last November for a prestigious Marshall Scholarship, which provides two years of graduate study in the United Kingdom. Pearson won three civil engineering awards at the ceremony – for academic excellence, for outstanding academic achievement, and for having conducted the most outstanding independent study project.

Two graduating seniors won Pratt’s Walter J. Seeley Scholastic Award, which is given by the Engineering Student Government to the students who have achieved the highest scholastic average in all subjects. The award went to Ryan Patrick Dobbertien and Eric John Ojerholm.

Clark awarded Bachelor of Science in Engineering degrees to 230 students, including nine who completed their work in December and four last September. Pratt also awarded 58 Master of Engineering Management degrees, and the university’s Graduate School awarded Doctor of Philosophy degrees to 56 engineers who completed their work in 2006-07, and 60 Master of Science degrees to Pratt engineers.

Duke’s university-wide commencement ceremonies were held in a chilly, drizzly Sunday morning ceremony in Wallace Wade Stadium. University President Richard H. Brodhead presided, and writer Barbara Kingsolver urged Duke graduates to reject the current paradigm of success and to turn to a more sustainable, community-oriented lifestyle.

In Pratt’s hour-long afternoon diploma and awards ceremony in the Chapel, Clark said the nation today outsources low-end manufacturing, services, and sometimes even basic engineering. “However,” he said, “the one thing we cannot outsource is innovation and entrepreneurship. In many ways, this is the basis of our economy. Engineers drive this economy. … Without this engine for our economy, there would be no new companies, no new technologies, no new opportunities for investments by the banking and venture capitalist industry.”

“We rely on bright minds, like those represented in this audience, to support our great nation and our economy.”

Here is a list of Pratt’s winners of special prizes and awards:

The Walter J. Seeley Scholastic Award — Ryan Patrick Dobbertien and Eric John Ojerholm. (Presented to the student or students who have achieved the highest scholastic average in all subjects, and who have shown diligence in pursuit of an engineering education.)

The Otto Meier, Jr. Tau Beta Pi Award — Sebastian Liska. (Given to the graduating Tau Beta Pi member or members who symbolized best the distinguished scholarship and exemplary character required for membership.)

The Pratt School of Engineering Student Service Award – Werapong Goo and Leslie Michelle Voorhees. (Given to the graduating seniors who, by their contributions of time, effort and spirit, have significantly benefited the community of the Pratt School of Engineering.)

The da Vinci Award — Ryan Patrick Dobbertien and Eric John Ojerholm. (Presented to the biomedical engineering student or students with the most outstanding academic record as determined by a faculty committee.)

The Helmholtz Award — John James Whitman. (Presented to graduating senior or seniors who present the best research projects as judged by the departmental faculty.)

The Theo C. Pilkington Memorial Award — Sara Ashley Hinds. (Given in recognition of outstanding perseverance and accomplishment in the study of biomedical engineering.)

The American Society of Civil Engineers Prize — Josclyn Lee Harrington and Steven Joseph Worrell. (Awarded to outstanding seniors in civil engineering on the recommendation of the faculty of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.)

The William Brewster Snow Environmental Engineering Award — Lee Michael Pearson. (Presented to a senior who has demonstrated academic excellence, interest and enthusiasm in the study of environmental engineering.)

The Aubrey E. Palmer Award — Lee Michael Pearson and Adam Ross Udasin. (Presented to civil engineering seniors in recognition of outstanding academic achievement.)

The Eric I. Pas Award — Ian Lerner Cassidy and Lee Michael Pearson. (Presented to graduating civil engineering seniors judged by the faculty to have conducted the most outstanding independent study project.)

The David Randall Fuller Prize – Audrei Elizabeth Drummond and Gareth Sacha Guvanasen. (Presented to seniors who have shown the most improvement in academic performance over the first three years.)

The George Sherrerd III Memorial Award in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering — Melissa Ellen Levy and Andrew Shell Waterman. (Awarded to seniors in electrical and computer engineering who, in the opinion of the faculty, have attained the highest level of scholastic achievement in all subjects and simultaneously have rendered significant service to the School of Engineering and the university.)

The Charles Ernest Seager Memorial Award — Jeffrey Alan Hussmann. (Recognizes the most outstanding undergraduate research project and presentation as judged by the faculty in Electrical and Computer Engineering as part of the Graduation with Distinction presentation session.)

The Charles Rowe Vail Memorial Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award — Andrew Shell Waterman. (Recognizes the most outstanding undergraduate teaching assistant in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.)

The Pi Tau Sigma Scholarship Award — Addison Wesley Ferrell. (Presented to the outstanding senior in mechanical engineering on the basis of academic excellence, engineering ability and leadership as judged by a faculty committee.)

The Mechanical Engineering & Materials Science Faculty Award — Sebastian Liska and Chin Chun Ooi. (Presented to the graduating mechanical engineering seniors who have attained the highest level of scholastic achievement in all subjects.)

The Raymond C. Gaugler Award in Materials Science and Engineering — Chin Chun Ooi. (Presented to the senior who has made the most progress at Duke in developing competence in materials science or materials engineering.)

Students graduating with departmental distinction:

Biomedical Engineering: Cyrus Bobak Amoozegar, Danial Syed Bokhari, *Tiffany Wen-zone Chang, *Carol Weichi Chen, Cindy Sue Cheng, *Kerry Elizabeth Costello, Ryan Patrick Dobbertien, Werapong Goo, *Liheng Guo, Andy Huang, Alexander Hwang, Priscilla Hwang, Syed Mohammad Shams Kazmi, Eugene Kim, Neha Krishnamohan, Jason Bennet Liu, Sean Thomas McGuire, Laura Kent Moore, Eric John Ojerholm, John Andrew B. Pura, Archana Ramireddy, Stephen Joseph Rosenzweig, *Marc Coleman Shelton, *Cameron Ray Smith, Andrew Douglas Sobel, Geoffrey LeRoy Southmayd, Karli Ann Spetzler, Matthew David Sternberg, Melissa Tsuboyama, Garrett Wayne Wood, Tianshi Wu, Lola Xiaoying Xie, *Yvonne Joy Yamanaka and Felix Yuh-Chern Yap. (Those with an asterisk received the Howard G. Clark Award.)

Civil Engineering: Ian Lerner Cassidy, Elizabeth Harvey Crabtree, Steven Michael Lattanzio II, Lee Michael Pearson and Cleland Ian Michel Robertson.

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Michael Edward Bauer, Jeffrey Alan Hussmann, Melissa Ellen Levy, Serge Reshetnikov and David Matthew Wagner.

Mechanical Engineering: Cyrus Bobak Amoozegar, Jason Joseph Blum, Matthew Frederick Campbell, Stephen Thomas Clark, Addison Wesley Ferrell, Ryan Kenneth Gallant, Werapong Goo, David Kenneth Hall, Qinxian He, John Michael Kearney, Sebastian Liska, Chin Chun Ooi, Tyler Wynn Sloss, Philip James Wolfe and Edison Mingtao Zhang.

The Pratt Class of 2008:

Margaret Ann Abernathy, Benjamin William Ahlers, Travis Aramis Alexander, Robert Connor Allen, Cyrus Bobak Amoozegar, Nii Ako Ampa-Sowa, Collin Robert Anderson, Timothy David Antonelli, Kidus Fisaha Asfaw, Patrick Scott Bailey, Scott Keller Bailey, Lauren Ann Barnett, Jeffrey James Barry, Dennis Matthew Bartlett, Michael Edward Bauer, Jacob A. Bender, Charles Andrew Benzyk, Christine Marie Bestvina, Jason Joseph Blum, Emily Michelle Boecking, Danial Syed Bokhari, Nicholas Adam Bonazza, Jason Matthew Bosko, Kristen Lynn Bova, Drew Wayne William Braucht, Jonathan Page Brentnell, Matthew Paul Burke, Corey Michael Butler, Andrew Phillip Camacho, Matthew Frederick Campbell, Brent Everett Cash, Ian Lerner Cassidy, Keddy Alexander Chandran, Heidi Yi-Shin Chang, Tiffany Wen-zone Chang, Carol Weichi Chen, Michael Z Chen, Xiaoying Sheryl Chen, Cindy Sue Cheng, Dean Shiyu Chiang, John Stephen Choi, Priscilla Frances Chyn, Stephen Thomas Clark, Edward Claude Clermont, Geoffrey Michael Cohan, Lauren Joyce Cohen, Daniel Queiroz Coral, Homero Coronado, Kerry Elizabeth Costello, Elizabeth Harvey Crabtree, John Alexander Crowell, Andrew Thanh Dang. Clark Lee Daniel, William Warren Davis, Matthew William Dekow, Rahul Pradeep Dewal, Ryan Patrick Dobbertien, Stesha Adai Doku, Audrei Elizabeth Drummond, Katharine Grace Eggleston, Patrick Joseph Eibl, Zoë Alexandra Englander, Thomas James Feehan, Robert Luong Fenequito, Jing Feng, Addison Wesley Ferrell, David Anthony Fiedler, Patrick John Friscia and Richard Nathaniel Frothingham.

Also, Ryan Kenneth Gallant, Audrey Jane Gaskins, Quinn Bonard Gaumer, Odelia Ghodsizadeh, Aaron David Gilbert, John Robert Yasecko Gilbert, Brayden Edward Glad, Werapong Goo, Philip John Gorman, Meagan Elizabeth Gray, Brandon Roy Guard ,Sara Catherine Guerrero, Liheng Guo, Gareth Sacha Guvanasen, Holly Lauren Hackman, David Kenneth Hall, Elizabeth Sun Harper, Josclyn Lee Harrington, Jillian Robyn Harris, Benjamin Barton Haynes, Qinxian He, Brian Paul Herrmann, Clayton Sydney Hesse, Sara Ashley Hinds, William Andrew Hoffman IV, Matthew A. Hoover, Yuxuan Hu, Andy Huang, Tiffany Hongyin Hui, Jeffrey Alan Hussmann, Alexander Hwang, Priscilla Hwang, Jordan Blake Iceton, Alexandra Theresa Issa, Matthew Robert Johnson, Eric Alan Josephs, Pallavi Kansal, Ngozi Linda Kanu, Scott John Kasper, John Michael Kearney, Michael Allen Keel, Syed Mohammad Shams Kazmi, Patrick Maxwell Keenum, Eugene Kim, David Scott Klein, Robert Jason Koutsoyannis, Neha Krishnamohan, Joseph T. Kuo, Pik Yee Lai, Steven Michael Lattanzio II, Brian Michael Whitten Lemister, Melissa Ellen Levy, Chen Li, Qianwei Li, Scott Y. Liang, Robert Savage Linsalata, Sebastian Liska, Cristian Cheukyiu Liu, Jason Bennet Liu, Arjun Madan-Mohan, Justin Bradley Mahood, Justin Cody Maxwell, Sean Thomas McGuire, Alexander Neal McKinnon, Gregory Nathaniel Meyers, Sydni G Meyrowitz, Laura Kent Moore, Matthew Frank Moschner, Arthur Mui and Kevin Hangley Murphy.

Also, Richard Paul Nammour, Joshua Kyle Napora, Christopher James Neufeld, Dennis Khoa Dang Nguyen, Emmett Fred Nicholas, Brandon Robert Noia, Andrew James Ofstad, Eric John Ojerholm, Chinyere Theresa Okoli, Chin Chun Ooi, Alexandra Blanca Papadopoulos, Swara Mahesh Paranjape, Christopher Michael Parides, Daniel I. Park, Yasin Kamaal Patterson, Lee Michael Pearson, John Leonard Perkins, Mark Hahn Peterson, John Andrew B. Pura, Archana Ramireddy, John Joseph Reilly III, Serge Reshetnikov, Lisa Michelle Richards, Drew Garrison Rindner, Matthew Thomas Rinehart, Cleland Ian Michel Robertson, Brian Samuel Robinson, Robert Joseph Rodrigez, Alyx Cali Rosen, Stephen Joseph Rosenzweig, Natalia Anna Maria Rossiter-Thornton, Casey James Rubin, Daniel Ladd Ryan, Jesse Kerr Sandberg, Brett Joseph Sauers, Paul Ruffin Scarborough Jr., Michael Timothy Schaper, Christopher Schubert, Eric Reader Schuchman, Jeffrey David Schwane, Marc Coleman Shelton, Craig Steven Silverman, Shefaali Singh, Tyler Wynn Sloss, Cameron Ray Smith, Jeffrey Patrick Smith, Andrew Douglas Sobel, Stephen Lee Sorley, Geoffrey LeRoy Southmayd. Karli Ann Spetzler, Kyle William Squillario, Matthew David Sternberg, William Scott Strickland, John Frederick Sullivan, Jeffrey Baron Swartz, Rick Anthony Szcodronski, Ram Nick Talwar, Renjun Tao, Megan Katherine Tooley, Melissa Tsuboyama, Adam Ross Udasin, Paul Christopher Verheggen, Leslie Michelle Voorhees, David Matthew Wagner, Scott Kaylor Wagoner, Terence Parker Wallace, Rachel Carolyn Wang, Andrew Shell Waterman, Mark Daniel Weber, Owen Paul Wendland, John James Whitman, Andrew Neil Wilkinson, Aaron Michael Wise, Philip James Wolfe, Garrett Wayne Wood, Krishana Marie Wooding, Steven Joseph Worrell, Kevin Hym-Hong Wu, Tianshi Wu, Lola Xiaoying Xie, Yvonne Joy Yamanaka, Felix Yuh-Chern Yap, Bo-young Yeum, Wailan Yip, Matthew Kwok-wei Yung, Timothy David Zepp, Edison Mingtao Zhang, Xiao Zhao, Brittany Leigh Zick, Jessica Anne Zinck and Peter John Zolides.