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C-SPAN | April 5, 2016

Book Discussion on The Road Taken

Featuring Henry Petroski

The Guardian | March 30, 2016

Deafening Atlantic Oil Prospecting to Go Ahead Despite Threat to Marine Life

Featuring Douglas Nowacek

Duke Global | March 30, 2016

Spring Break Research At 12,000 Feet

Featuring Mike Bergin

The New York Times | February 25, 2016

Easy-Reading Road Signs Head to the Offramp

Featuring Henry Petroski

The Diane Rehm Show | February 19, 2016

Henry Petroski: “The Road Taken”

Nanotechnology Now | January 28, 2016

Best Colleges Offering Nanotechnology Degree Programs

Duke Global | December 21, 2015

A Personal Approach to Addressing Climate Issues

Featuring Mike Bergin

New York Times | November 24, 2015

Let States Finance and Maintain Roads and Bridges

Featuring Henry Petroski