Pratt Speak

March 1, 2007

A Message to Women at Duke: Devise Ideas and Take Action

At a Women's Leadership dinner, Kim Jenkins, an entrepreneur-in-residence at the Pratt School and member of Duke's Board of Trustees, urged women at Duke to build a campus culture that fits their values. Learn more.

What is Knowledge in the Service of Society?

At a symposium to examine what "knowledge in the service of society" really means, Professor Barry Myers of the Pratt School of Engineering and others suggested that the definition of “service” can be too narrowly defined as focusing on community service. The definition, they said, should be broadened to include work such as internships on Capitol Hill or helping to put a new product on the market. Learn more.

Is it Possible to Do Any Good?

In a dialogue between Chapel Dean Samuel Wells and Pratt Dean Kristina Johnson on the theme of engineering and the social good, Johnson noted Pratt's emphasis on interdisciplinary study as a means of producing engineers who are well-versed in world issues. Their conversation was the third in a series of dialogues on the question “is it possible to do any good?” Read the Chronicle's coverage of the event here.