4+1: BSE+Master's Degree

Completing both a Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSE) and a master's degree in five years is a great opportunity to advance your training. If you plan accordingly, you can complete all requirements for your BSE degree without carrying a full undergraduate course load in your senior spring. By taking two or more graduate courses in your senior spring (which are not being used to satisify any BSE requirements), you can easily complete the remaining graduate courses in one year beyond your BSE. At Duke there are three engineering master's degrees options to consider.

In all cases, you want to work with your Director of Undergraduate Studies to develop your academic plan. The main steps are: 

  • Develop course plans for your senior year and for one graduate year with your academic adviser and obtain Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) approval
  • Take the GRE exam in the senior fall or earlier
  • Apply for admission to Duke's Graduate School (for a master of science) or Pratt's Master's Program Office (for a master of engineering or master of engineering management program) during senior fall