CEE Special Seminar - Raymond "Paul" Giroux, District Quality Manager Kiewit Infrastructure West

Feb 4

This event has passed.

February 4, 2014 - 2:45pm to 4:15pm


Raymond "Paul" Giroux

Celebrating 100th Anniversary of the Panama Canal in 2014. In the early 20th century strategic control of the oceans was essential to all of the great industrial powers of the world. In 1904 President Teddy Roosevelt would commit the brains of American engineering and the brawn of America¿s industrial machine to build a canal of unprecedented scope and challenge. Panama Canal¿s successful construction was the result of the convergence of extraordinary people, machines, and methods. In the decades preceding Panama Canal¿s construction, tremendous advancements were realized in every discipline of engineering. In the realm of heavy civil construction, these collective engineering advancements provided the construction technology that made Panama Canal possible. This presentation highlights how the right people, the right machines, and the right methods all came together in 1904 to build a project of unprecedented scope and challenges.