CEE Seminar, Troy A. Morgan, Exponent Engineering and Scientific Consulting, Managing Engineer Buildings & Structures

Apr 7

This event has passed.

April 7, 2015 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm


Troy A. Morgan

Troy A. Morgan, Managing Engineer Buildings & Structures, Exponent Engineering and Scientific Consulting. Title: Technical Consulting: The Intersection of Mythbusters, CSI and Civil Engineering. The modern era of civilization is marked my immense networks of complicated, interdependent systems and rapidly evolving technologies. Many of these technologies, while born from academia, are implemented and refined in the world of industry. As today¿s complex ideas are put into practice, there is an increasing tendency for things to fail, and a urgent desire to prevent such failures. This is the realm of technical consulting, and the subject of this talk. Several projects from structural engineering, including nuclear reliability analysis, earthquake reconnaissance, and storm surge analysis are presented to highlight the broader role of technical consultants in a world which increasingly depends on sophisticated engineering to protect itself from both natural and human-induced catastrophe.