CEE Fall 2016 Seminar: Professor Paul E. Barbone, Boston University

Oct 3

This event has passed.

October 3, 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Paul E. Barbone

Paul E. BarboneBoston UniversityProfessor of Theoretical Acoustics & Applied MechanicsDepartment of Mechanical EngineeringSolid materials can support the propagation of both dilatational waves and distortional waves, better known as shear waves.Propagation of shear waves in soft tissues is a subject of considerable current interest in the biomechanics and biomedical imaging communities. Soft tissues present opportunities to study shear wave propagation in a number of exotic situations, including the effects of strong magnetic fields, coupling with other mechanical fields (e.g. fluid pressure), and the effects of medium actuation. We use mathematical models of elastic wave propagation in these situations to uncover and elucidate four novel phenomena related to shear wave propagation in soft tissues.