Civil and Environmental Engineering Seminar Fall 2016, Professor Michael Tjernstrom, Stockholm University

Oct 24

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October 24, 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Professor Michael Tjernstrom

CEE Fall 2016 SeminarMichael TjernströmDept. of Meteorology (MISU)Stockholm UniversitySeminar Title: Why We Need to Worry About Clouds in the ArcticThe Arctic climate is among the fastest changing in the world. Over the satellite era we have seen a drawback of the perennial sea-ice area in summer by over 30%. Meanwhile, the temperature is increasing at least twice as fast in the Arctic as the global mean temperature. This has many effects, in the Arctic to wildlife flora and inhabitants, and may have significant effects also on weather well outside of the Arctic. Many strong feedbacks contribute to this rapid change; changes in clouds being one important one. Clouds remain one of the most important - and most uncertain - sources of feedbacks in the climate system. This of course also holds true for the Arctic......