Civil and Environmental Engineering Fall 2016 Seminar, Associate Professor, Ken Kamrin, MIT, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Nov 7

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November 7, 2016 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Associate Professor Ken Kamrin

Civil and Environmental Engineering SeminarAssociate Professor Ken KamrinMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyDept. of Mechanical EngineeringSeminar Title: Simulating Joint Solid and Fluid Behaviors: Exploiting the Eulerian FrameFluids and solids tend to be simulated using distinct computational approaches. Solid deformation is often treated with Lagrangian approaches like finite element methods, whereas fluid flow is amenable to Eulerian frame approaches such as finite difference and finite volume methods. Problems that mix fluid and solid behaviors simultaneously present somewhat of a dilemma from the numerical standpoint. This is true when fluids and solids occupy different regions of space --- i.e. fluid-structure interaction (FSI) --- or for problems involving materials that behave like a solid but can undergo enormous levels of plastic flow, more common of fluids --- i.e. granular materials and yield stress fluids.....