CEE Seminar: Auto-mechanics and Anthropogenic Activities in Ghana: Assessing Impact on Human Health, Food Security, and the Environment

Jun 10

Saturday, June 10, 2023 - 6:12AM


Professor Fred Boadu, Director of Graduate Studies, Duke University

Economic growth and human development in underdeveloped nations have led to high demand for transportation vehicles - dominated by used and old (> 10yrs) automobiles imported from the Western world. In Ghana and in most African countries, hundreds of thousands of private auto-mechanic shops are set up for the repair and maintenance of these automobiles. However, at these shops used motor oil that contain high concentrations of toxic heavy metals originating from the fuel and motor engine wear of automobiles is improperly disposed of by the mechanics leading to environmental pollution and food insecurity. In addition, the mechanics have interactions with the used oil without proper protective gears, enhancing pathways for the heavy metals to the body tissues and compromising their health. The seminar will largely focus on the health impacts.

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