CEE Seminar: Modelling the Myocardium Mechanical Behaviors Using a Neural Network Energy-Based PDE Solution Approach

Jul 13

Saturday, July 13, 2024 - 7:16PM


Michael Sacks, Professor, The University of Texas at Austin,

The full characterization of three-dimensional (3D) mechanical behaviour the myocardium is essential in understanding the function of the heart in health and disease. The hierarchical structure of the myocardium results in their highly anisotropic mechanical behaviors, with the spatial variations in fiber structure giving rise to heterogeneity. We have developed a novel numerical-experimental approach to determine the optimal parameters for 3D constitutive models of the myocardium using optimal design of full 3D kinematically controlled (triaxial) experiments coupled to an inverse model of the experiment and local fibrous structure. Due to the natural variations in structures, the mechanical behaviors of myocardium use can vary dramatically within the same organ....

Meeting ID: 972 8321 6160
Passcode: 274932