Past Seminars


"Bacteria Transport: Biofilm Structure and Metabolic Response to Stress"

Presenter: Andrew Jones, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University, College of Engineering

The Biogeochemical Cycle of Mercury in an Era of Environmental Change

Presenter: Amina Schartup, Assistant Professor, UC San Diego/SCRIPPS


CEE Seminar: Data-Driven Computational Design of Emerging Microstructural Material Systems

Presenter: Wei Chen, Professor in Engineering Design, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

CEE Seminar: Disrupting Desalination: Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction for Hypersaline Brines

Presenter: Ngai Yin Yip, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia University

CEE Seminar: Can Changing Gut Bacterial Communities Improve Gastrointestinal and Autism Symptoms?

Presenter: Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown, Professor, School of Sustainable Engineering and the Built Environment, Arizona State University

CEE Seminar: Structural Engineering in Architectural Design

Presenter: Jordan Woodson '10 - Senior Structural Engineer, Arup

CEE Seminar: Micro-Macro Damage and Healing Rock Mechanics

Presenter: Chole Arson, Associate Professor, Georgia Institute of Technology

CEE Seminar: Global Change and the Water Cycle

Presenter: Ruby Leung, Battelle Fellow and Senior Scientist, Atmospheric Sciences and Global Change Division, Pacific Northwest National Lab

CEE Seminar: Environmental Engineering for the Majority World

Presenter: Joshua Kearns, Assistant Professor, NC State University

CEE Seminar: On Impactful Engineering Leadership

Presenter: Paul F. Boulos, Chief Executive Officer at Digital Water Works, Inc.