Welcome to the Neighborhood

December 9, 2021

The new 150,000-square-foot Wilkinson Building was designed for sustainable collaboration

The second floor of Duke Engineering's new Wilkinson Building houses the Environment research neighborhood. Learn more about the engineers who now call this space home. 

Faculty Labs

Hover or tap on faculty photos to read about research in each lab.

floor plan for Wilkinson Building environmental health neighborhood
Claudia Gunsch
Michael Bergin
Marc Deshusses
Mark Wiesner
Andrew Jones
Lee Ferguson
Heileen Hsu-Kim
  • Exterior of the Wilkinson Building with Duke Chapel in the background
    Duke Engineering's new 150,000 square foot Wilkinson Building uses chilled beams, a heat recovery system, and a precisely calibrated exhaust system to reduce energy consumption. Swipe or click through to see more images of our new space!
  • lab space
    State-of-the-art labs give Duke environmental engineers the tools they need to advance impactful research in water quality, environmental chemistry, bioremediation, and more.
  • Claudia Gunsch works with a student in her new lab
    Professor Claudia Gunsch works with a student in her new lab, where her group explores microbiome engineering and bioremediation.
  • the monumental staircase
    The Wilkinson Building's monumental staircase connects the three research neighborhoods: Environment, Health, and Advanced Computing and Intelligent Systems.
  • conference room with view of Duke Chapel
    A second floor conference room offers a panoramic view of West Campus and Duke Chapel.
  • graduate student lounge
    The graduate student lounge offers people a place to rest, study, meet informally, or simply take time to enjoy the view.