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WNCT Raleigh | November 4, 2021

Duke Researchers Use Land Differences to Improve Weather Models

Featuring Nate Chaney


National Science Foundation | May 19, 2021

Researchers Develop Mathematical Model to Predict Disease Spread Patterns

Featuring Gaby Katul


Discover Magazine | May 17, 2021

Why Scientists Don’t Want Our Poop To Go To Waste

Featuring Marc Deshusses


Earth.com | April 19, 2021

Machine Learning Used to Locate Sources of Heavy Pollution

Featuring Mike Bergin, David Carlson


Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering | March 23, 2021

Understanding Failure

Featuring Henry Petroski


Discover Magazine | February 8, 2021

The Taj Mahal: Can India Save This Corroding Beauty?

Featuring Michael Bergin

Forbes | December 17, 2020

3D Printers May Be Toxic To Humans

Featuring Joana Marie Sipe


ASCE Civil Engineering Source | December 3, 2020

Duke Researchers Ask: Can Soil Temperature Predict a Landslide?

Featuring Manolis Veveakis