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The Conversation |

Climate Engineering Carries Serious National Security Risks and the World Needs to Be Prepared

Tyler Felgenhauer joins Indiana University colleague Ben Kravitz in penning an article on the potential promise and perils of climate engineering projects

Coastal Review |

NC Scientists Receive Tools for Tracking New Compounds

Lee Ferguson says investments by the North Carolina General Assembly puts NC researchers in an improved spot to better their statewide PFAS investigations.

Science Friday |

The Complicated Truths About Offshore Wind and Right Whales

Doug Nowacek speaks to how noise from offshore windfarm construction might disrupt the lives of endangered right whales.

Discover Magazine |

Social Media and Search Engines Can Now Forecast Disease Outbreaks

CEE Professor Gaby Katul warns that we can not afford to wait another 100 years for the next pandemic to occur in an article that explores the ways that internet data is being used to track and predict disease spread.

Technology Networks |

Popular Herbicide Ingredient Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease Epidemic in Sri Lanka

CEE Professor Lee Ferguson has discovered that the active ingredient in Roundup, the world’s most popular herbicide, may play a role in the epidemic levels of chronic kidney disease seen in rural Sri Lanka.

Resources Radio |

New Social Science Perspectives on Solar Geoengineering

Tyler Felgenhauer talks about different technologies that can facilitate solar geoengineering, the risks and benefits of these technologies, how international cooperation could affect the deployment of solar geoengineering, and recent social science research on solar geoengineering.

Daily Advance |

ARHS Hopes to ID Links Between Als, Algal Blooms

CEE Research Professor Lisa Satterwhite is working on a project with Albemarle Regional Health Services to investigate potential links between toxic blue-green algal blooms and threats to public health, in particular Lou Gehrig’s Disease.


Minor Quakes ‘Not Uncommon’ in Western NC

CEE Professor Manolis Veveakis appears on a TV spot to discuss a recent cluster of small earthquakes in western North Carolina.

Civil Engineering Magazine |

The State of Civil Engineering Education

Vinik Dean of Engineering Jerome P. Lynch joins a conversation about engineering education trends and the steps educators should take to prepare students who are ready to tackle today’s global challenges.