Master's Profile: Rachel Fleming

Rachel FlemingCurrent Job Title: Marketing Specialist, Gilbane Building Company

Undergraduate Degree: Civil Engineering with Architectural Engineering Certificate, Duke University

CEE Master’s Program Path and grad year: 4+1 undergraduate into Master of Engineering (MEng), Structural Track, 2013

What do you do at your job? 

As the marketing specialist for Gilbane Building Company, I support a range of marketing and communications efforts for our North Carolina business unit. This includes social media, website, award submissions, company event coordination, industry event tracking and business development pursuit support.

How did your time at Duke prepare you for your current job?

My time at Duke prepared me for my current job by teaching me critical problem solving skills and giving me valuable practice working in teams to develop project strategy.

What was the most valuable part of your Duke experience?

There were many valuable parts of my Duke Master of Engineering (MEng) experience, but I think the introductory business courses that I took through the program provided excellent opportunities to understand basic business concepts and to engage with teams to prepare and deliver presentations, which are valuable skills in any industry.

What advice would you give to someone considering a master’s degree in CEE at Duke?

I encourage anyone who is pursuing an advanced degree to make the most of their time at Duke by exploring your interests, connecting with master's students in other departments and developing relationships with your professors. I also think it’s important to utilize the career center resources and reach out to Duke alumni to learn about their career experiences.

Why did you choose Duke for your MEng degree?

I was grateful for the opportunity to take advantage of the 4+1 program that Duke offers for undergraduate Pratt students, which allows students to obtain their BSE and a graduate degree within five years. Through this program, I enjoyed introducing my classmates to Duke and Durham and expanding my Duke network and connections.

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