Master of Engineering

MEng in Civil Engineering

Duke's Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering program emphasizes business and management skills, through Core Industry Preparatory Courses, an Internship, and practical civil engineering analysis, through departmental and concentration area requirements in:

  • Computational Engineering
  • Systems Engineering and Optimization
  • Geo-Systems

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MEng in Environmental Engineering

Our program draws from Duke's Pratt School of Engineering and the Nicholas School of the Environment--so you get the best of both faculty. As an MEng student, you will take Core Industry Preparatory Courses and an Internship, Departmental Requirements, and you can further individualize their studies through intense training in one of four current areas of Advanced Specialization:

  • Environmental Nanotechnology
  • Ecohydrology and Environmental Fluid Dynamics
  • Environmental Process Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering and Public Policy

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