Earl I. Brown II Outstanding Civil Engineering Faculty Award

Presented by the Duke student chapter of Chi Epsilon

Earl I. Brown II
Earl I. Brown II

Earl I. Brown II was a respected engineering educator and internationally recognized expert in prestressed concrete design and fabrication.

During a long teaching and research career at Duke, he served as J.A. Jones Professor and Chairman of Civil Engineering. He died in 2013 at age 95.

The award is presented by the Duke chapter of the Chi Epsilon engineering honor society.

The names of recipients of this award are inscribed on a plaque displayed in Hudson Hall.


2019: David E. Schaad

2018: Mark Borsuk

2017: Zbigniew Kabala

2016: Joseph C. Nadeau

2015: Joseph C. Nadeau

2014: Joseph C. Nadeau

2013: Henri P. Gavin

2012: Joseph C. Nadeau

2011: Jeffrey Scruggs

2010: Amilcare M. Porporato

2009: Joseph C. Nadeau

2008: Joseph C. Nadeau

2007: Miguel A. Medina

2006: David E. Schaad

2005: Zbigniew J. Kabala

2004: Joseph C. Nadeau

2003: Joseph C. Nadeau

2002: Joseph C. Nadeau

2001: Chris Brasier

2000: Joseph C. Nadeau

1999: Joseph C. Nadeau

1998: P. Aarne Vesilind

1997: Tod A. Laursen

1996: Timothy L. Jacobs

1995: P. Aarne Vesilind

1994: Timothy L. Jacobs

1993: Timothy L. Jacobs

1992: J. Jeffrey Peirce

1991: Timothy L. Jacobs

1990: Timothy L. Jacobs

1989: Miguel A. Medina

1988: P. Aarne Vesilind

1987: K. Pete Arges

1986: Mrinmay Biswas

1984: K. Pete Arges

1983: Eric I. Pas

1982: P. Aarne Vesilind

1981: Robert J. Melosh