Eric I. Pas Award

Presented to the graduating civil engineering senior judged to have conducted the most outstanding independent study project

Eric I. Pas
Eric I. Pas

This award was established in 1998 in memory of Eric I. Pas, a beloved faculty member who served as director of undergraduate studies in civil and environmental engineering at Duke.

Pas was an internationally recognized researcher in the activity-based modeling approach to travel demand analysis. He died in 1997 at age 49.

The names of recipients of this award are inscribed on a plaque displayed in Hudson Hall.



  • Matthew Edward Brune
  • Alexandra Rivera


  • Qingqi Katherine Li
  • Jenny Z Liang


  • Carolina Lenehan Heitmann
  • Renata Rae Starostka


  • Tiffany Wei


  • Elizabeth Rose Griffin
  • Emma Joy Jin Palmer


  • Michelle Anne Moffa
  • Delaney Colleen Thompson


  • Rekha Korlipara: "Effect of Significant Maritime Industrial Area Designation on Gentrification in NYC"
    Advisor: David Schaad


  • Jack King: "Optimizing the Leaching Step in Rare Earth Elements Recovery from Coal Combustion Residues"
    Advisor: H. Hsu-Kim


  • Stephanie Laughton: "Enhanced Biogas Production from Nanoscale Zero Valent Iron-Amended Anaerobic Bioreactors"
    Advisor: M. Wiesner


  • Robert Plybon: "Biogas Sweetening in Biotrickling Filters: Investigation of Unclogging Mechanisms and Oxygenation via Hydrogen Peroxide"
    Advisor: M. Deshusses


  • Kathryn Latham: "The Use of Algae to Treat Greywater and as a Feedstock for Biofuels"
    Advisor: C. Gunsch


  • Amy Allen: "Dynamics and Control of Deepwater Offshore Wind Turbines"
    Advisor: H. Gavin
  • Maria Gibbs: "Vibration Mitigation in Structural Cables with Broad Band Energy Harvesting Potential"
    Advisor: B. Mann
  • Phyllis Mbewe: "Optimal Pumping Techniques to Remedy Groundwater Contamination"
    Advisor: Z. Kabala
  • Lauren Shwisberg: "Laboratory Study of Circulation and Residence Time in Coral Colonies"
    Advisor: J. Hench


  • Andrew Harris: "Bridge Design Optimization Tool for Bridges to Prosperity"
    Advisor: J. Nadeau
  • Matthew Wander: "Formulation, Structure, and Analysis of a Model to Optimize Staffing Levels at Border Checkpoints"
    Advisor: J. Peirce


  • Margaret A. Hoff: "Chemical cocktail and density driven distribution: an examination of the groundwater impacts and remedial effectiveness at the NCSU NPL site"
    Advisor: D. Schaad


  • Aaron Lee: "Photoheterotrophic and Mixotrophic Growth Characterization of Microalgae for Biodiesel Production"
    Advisor: C. Gunsch
  • Chloe M. Mawer: "Transient Pumping Schemes for Efficient Remediation of Contaminated Porous Media"
    Advisor: Z. Kabala
  • Lindsay A. Rawot: "Preparing for CLEANER WATERS: Engaging Middle School Students in Environmental Engineering Starting with the Neuse River Basin"
    Advisor: J. Peirce


  • Ian L. Cassidy: "Implementation of Controllable Electromagnetic Friction Damping in an Equipment Isolation System"
    Advisor: H. Gavin
  • Lee M. Pearson: "Life Cycle Analysis of Algae-based Biodiesel as a Transportation Fuel"
    Advisor: C. Gunsch


  • Nicole L. Axelrod: "Performance Limits of Passively-Damped Ball-in-One Isolation Systems"
    Advisor: H. Gavin
  • Todd Cobb: "Convective Rainfall Analysis Through Fractal and Statistical Methods"
    Advisor: A. Porporato


  • Siu-Chung Yau: "Higher Order Limit State Functions in the Response Surface Method of Structural Reliability Analysis"
    Advisor: H. Gavin


  • Christopher Einmo: "Destruction of Organic Arsenical Compounds by UV/H_20_2 Advanced Oxidation"
    Advisor: K. Linden
  • Daniel Stepner: "Wetlands Hydrologic and Water Quality Modeling"
    Advisor: M. Medina


  • Trevor B. Yates: "Detecting Landmines of Different Materials in Varying Soil Types using Non-Invasive Geophysical Electrical Methods"
    Advisor: F. Boadu


  • Elizabeth A. Ralston: "Kinetics of Phosphate and Arsenate Sorption to Hematite"
    Advisor: D. Vasudevan, R. Griffin


  • Kimberly A. Novick: "Assessing the Effects of Elevated Atmospheric CO2 and LAI Perturbations on Southeastern Grassland Water Vapor and CO2 Fluxes"
    Advisor: G. Katul
  • Jesse B. Hoagg: "Semiactive Vibration Control Using a Magnetorheological Damper"
    Advisor: H. Gavin


  • Mark E. Dobossy: "Design Optimization of MR Damper"
    Advisor: H. Gavin
  • Derek A. Hahn


  • Lauren K. MacWilliams: "Evolution and Evaluation of the Coliform Drinking Water Standard"
    Advisor: R. Rumer
  • Adam G. Steward: "Analysis of the Frequency-Dependent Spectral Electrical Response of Contaminated Soils"
    Advisor: F. Boadu


  • Melissa A. MacDonald: "Vibration Suppression of an Orbiting Structure"
    Advisor: H. Gavin


  • Jennifer E. Coker: "An Evaluation of the Influence of Transmissivity, Storativity, and the Skin Factor Upon the Drawndown Curves Generated from Sageev Slug Test Model"
    Advisor: Z. Kabala
  • Jennifer L. Steed: "Braess' Paradox: A Non-Linear Case"
    Advisor: E. Miller-Hooks