Robert J. Melosh Medal

Presented annually to the best student paper on finite element analysis

Robert J. Melosh
Robert J. Melosh

Since 1989, the Robert J. Melosh Medal Competition has provided a forum for young engineers and researchers to present their work to and interact with leaders in the field of computational mechanics.

The award honors Prof. Melosh—a pioneering researcher in finite element methods and former chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering at Duke. The Melosh Medal was established in view of his body of work, and aims to reflect his dedication to the education of engineers.

Winners receive the Robert J. Melosh Medal and a $500 honorarium. Their names are inscribed on a plaque displayed in Hudson Hall.

2024 Competition

  • July 14: Deadline for extended abstract submissions
  • August 14 (tentative): Finalists notified of acceptance
  • October 14: Melosh Symposium at Duke University

How to Enter

Melosh Medalists


YearName, Institution
2023Kumar Saurabh, Iowa State University
2022Vahidullah Tac, Purdue University
2021Ivo Steinbrecher, University of the Bundeswehr Munich
2020Stein Stoter, Institute of Mechanics and Computation Mechanics, Leibniz University Hannover
2019Dewen Yushu, University of Notre Dame

Andreas Krischok, Stanford University

Vidyasagar, California Institute of Technology


Heng Chi, Georgia Institute of Technology

Matthias Mayr, Technical University of Munich

2016Maruti Kumar Mudunuru, University of Houston
2015Maurizio Chiaramonte, Stanford University
2014Phani Motamarri, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2013 Ju Liu, University of Texas, Austin
2011 Daniel Hurtado, California Institute of Technology
2010 Phanish Suryanarayana, California Institute of Technology
2009 Robert B. Gracie, Northwestern University

Ludovic Chamoin, ENS de Cachan

Irina Kalashnikova, Stanford University


Michael Hain, Leibniz University Hannover

Vikram Gavini, California Institute of Technology

2006Honayoun Heidari, North Carolina State University
2005Mahmoud I. Hussein, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
2004Juan Pablo Pontaza, Texas A&M University
2003Prasanna Raghavan, Ohio State University
2002Ulrich Hetmaniuk, University of Colorado, Boulder
2001Xiaonong Meng, Duke University
2000Aleksander Czekanski, University of Toronto
1999John E. Dolbow, Northwestern University
1998Serge Prudhomme, University of Texas, Austin
1997Jerome M. Solberg, University of California, Berkeley
1996David C. Winkler, University of Connecticut

Victor G. Oancea, Duke University

James R. Stewart, Stanford University

1994Jinmiao Zhang, Ohio State Univerisity
1993Bhaskar Joshi, University of Saskatchewan 
1992C.R. Swaminathan, University of Minnesota

Alonso Pena, ITESM Monterrey

Juan B. Sainz, ITESM Monterrey

1990Ricardo F. Barbosa, University of Illinois

H. Allison Smith, Duke University

R.G. Wan, University of Alberta