CEE Seminar - Professor Claudio Paniconi, INRS-ETE University of Quebec, Quebec City, Canada

Sep 22

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September 22, 2014 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Claudio Paniconi

Professor Claudio Paniconi - University of Quebec, Quebec City, Canada Seminar title: Integrated Modeling of Surface and Subsurface Hydrologic Processes: Successes and Challenges from Recent Applications Abstract CATHY (CATchment HYdrology) is an example of a recent class of integrated numerical models based on conservation principles for surface and subsurface flow and transport. We will briefly describe the model, focusing in particular on the coupling scheme that automatically partitions potential fluxes (rainfall and evapotranspiration) into actual fluxes across the land surface and changes in surface storage. Recent CATHY model developments and applications over a range of scales will be examined. The impacts of heterogeneity, grid resolution, surface flow paradigms, hysteresis, boundary conditions, and other factors on hydrologic state variables such as streamflow, soil water storage, groundwater recharge, and evaporation will be addressed. Directions for ongoing and future model development will be discussed.