CEE Seminar: LGR: Lagrangian Grid Reconnection Shock Hydrodynamics

Nov 29

This event has passed.

November 29, 2018 - 2:00am to 3:00am


Daniel Ibanez, Sandia Labs

Several problems of interest at our national laboratories involve materials undergoing very large deformations and shock waves. We call this problem space shock hydrodynamics, and the codes which simulate these scenarios are called hydrocodes. Most hydrocodes tend to maintain a regular grid of cubes filled with various volume fractions of different materials. They do this to avoid the issues of mesh tangling if the mesh follows the material. We propose to use mesh adaptation on triangle and tetrahedral meshes as an alternative paradigm, allowing us to avoid the issues associated with volume fractions. We have developed a new hydrocode called LGR to demonstrate this paradigm, and describe its strengths and weaknesses. This code is also optimized for next-generation HPC hardware including GPUs. We will describe our future plans to improve the discretization in collaboration with Duke.