CEE Seminar: A New Look at Models, Data and Analytical Tools for Supporting Water Resources Management

Mar 5

This event has passed.

March 5, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Andrew Gronewold, NOAA - Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory

Dr. Gronewold will present findings from a series of research projects focused on improving foundational data sets and forecasting tools used in both water resources research and operational water resources management. Dr. Gronewold's team has spent much of the past decade leading an effort to improve understanding of climatological and hydrological drivers behind changes in Earth's largest system of lakes; the Laurentian Great Lakes. Specific examples include the development of Bayesian model for reconciling the Great Lakes water balance over multiple historical periods, and the deployment and testing of eddy covariance instruments on Great Lakes lighthouses and commercial vessels for improving lake evaporation estimates and forecasts. Each project has explicit linkages to regional and continental water management practice, including decisions related to hydropower management, coastal infrastructure, and international policy.