Past Seminars


CEE Seminar: Handling Climate Change Exposure, Vulnerability, and Risk at the Coast: Everything we are Doing is Wrong!

Presenter: Robert S. Young, Western Carolina University, Director, Program for the Study of Developed Shorelines Professor, Coastal Geology

CEE Seminar: Digital Rock Poro-Mechanics: a multi-physics multi-scale approach elucidating the physics of environmental resilience

Presenter: Manolis Veveakis, Duke University,Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Thirty-Second Annual Robert J. Melosh Medal Competition: Deep Adversarial Learning for Uncertain Inverse Problems

Presenter: Assad Oberai, USC Viterbi School, Hughes Professor and Professor of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

CEE Seminar: Climate Change and Food Security: Challenges and Choices

Presenter: Lewis H. Ziska, Columbia University Medical Center, Associate Professor of Environmental Health Science

CEE Seminar: The 10 Billion Dollar Impact of Air Pollution to Solar Energy

Presenter: Michael Valerino, Duke University, Civil and Environmental Engineering PhD Student

CEE Seminar: Breaking Up is Complicated: Strategies to Simplify PFAS Remediation

Presenter: Jennifer Guelfo, Civil Environmental and Construction Engineering, Texas tech University Ph.D., Assistant Professor

CEE Seminar: Biofilm & Beer Draught Lines

Presenter: Dr. Darla Goeres, Research Professor of Reulatory Science, Montana State University

CEE Seminar: Realistic Modeling and Simulation of Earthquakes, Soil, Structures and their Interaction

Presenter: Professor Boris Jeremic, Ph.D., Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California