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Hydrology & Fluid Dynamics

Duke environmental engineering faculty in the Hydrology and Fluid Dynamics research group pursue some of the most pressing open problems in environmental fluid dynamics, hydrology and water resources. We take a multidisciplinary and multifaceted approach to these complex problems, ranging from advanced theoretical computational analyses to unique laboratory and local and global field experiments.

Falling water droplet

Research Areas

  • Hydrometeorology: Rainfall dynamics, land-atmosphere interaction, remote sensing
  • Eco-hydrology: Impact of hydroclimatic variability on ecosystems and feedbacks on the hydrologic cycle and local climate
  • Contaminant transport hydrology: Surface-subsurface interactions
  • Water cycle dynamics and human health, and stochastic hydrology
Related Study Opportunities

PhD and Master of Science (MS) in Environmental Engineering

Master of Engineering (MEng) in Environmental Engineering

Offers concentrations in:

  • Environmental Engineering and Public Policy
  • Environmental Process Engineering
  • Ecohydrology and Environmental Fluid Dynamics

Primary Faculty


Andrew Bragg

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Fundamental and applied problems in fluid dynamics, especially turbulence, and its role in environmental systems.


Nathaniel Chaney

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering


Akhenaton-Andrew Dhafir Jones

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Biofilms, cardiovascular infections, infectious diseases, biomaterials, antibiotics, porous media flows, fate and transport of nanomaterials in biofilms, water quality sensors, environmental systems analysis, environmental equity, environmental justice


Zbigniew J. Kabala

Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Dr. Kabala's principal research interests cover stochastic and deterministic theory of fluid flow and contaminant transport in saturated and unsaturated heterogeneous porous media, theory of related measurements, field and laboratory studies in subsurface hydrology, stochastic…


Gabriel G. Katul

Paul M. Gross Distinguished Professor

Research Interests: Describing the reciprocal influences between the biosphere and the atmosphere are becoming a scientific imperative as human-induced changes in land surface characteristics are impacting the composition of the atmosphere, which in turn is threatening to excite changes in weather…


David E. Schaad

Professor of the Practice of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Sustainable engineering, community development, water and wastewater treatment design, stormwater retention/detention and treatment design, hazardous waste remediation, urban hydrology, constructed wetland and stream restoration design, ecological stabilization, sustainable…


Mark Wiesner

James B. Duke Distinguished Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Membrane processes, nanostructured materials, transport and fate of nanomaterials in the environment, colloidal and interfacial processes, and environmental systems analysis

Secondary Faculty


James Hench

Associate Professor of Oceanography


Marc A. Jeuland

Professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy


Wenhong Li

Associate Professor of Climate


Ram Oren

Nicholas Distinguished Professor of Earth Systems Science

Adjunct Faculty


Massimo Germano

Adjunct Professor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Turbulence in fluids and its representation. Multiscale decompositions of turbulent flows. The Navier-Stokes, the Large Eddy and the Reynolds equations. Reynolds modeling and subgrid scale modeling for the Large Eddy Simulation of turbulent flows. Hybrid RANS/LES modeling.

Emeritus Faculty


Miguel A. Medina

Profesor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research Interests: Environmental engineering, cyberinfrastructure networks, sensors, geotropospheric interactions, engineering systems optimization.