Akhenaton-Andrew Dhafir Jones


Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Appointments and Affiliations

  • Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Contact Information

  • Office Location: 323 E Chapel Hill St, Unit 3420, Durham, NC 27702
  • Email Address: andrew.jones3@duke.edu


  • Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2018

Research Interests

Biofilms, porous media flows, fate and transport of nanomaterials in biofilms, water quality sensors, environmental systems analysis, environmental equity, environmental justice

Representative Publications

  • Medina-Cruz, D; Vernet-Crua, A; Mostafavi, E; González, MU; Martínez, L; Iii, A-ADJ; Kusper, M; Sotelo, E; Gao, M; Geoffrion, LD; Shah, V; Guisbiers, G; Cholula-Díaz, JL; Guillermier, C; Khanom, F; Huttel, Y; García-Martín, JM; Webster, TJ, Aloe Vera-Mediated Te Nanostructures: Highly Potent Antibacterial Agents and Moderated Anticancer Effects., Nanomaterials (Basel, Switzerland), vol 11 no. 2 (2021) [10.3390/nano11020514] [abs].
  • Jones, A-A; Medina-Cruz, D; Kim, NYJ; Mi, G; Bartomeu-Garcia, C; Baranda-Pellejero, L; Bassous, N; Webster, T, Statistical classification of dynamic bacterial growth with sub-inhibitory concentrations of nanoparticles and its implications for disease treatment (2020) [10.1101/2020.07.19.210930] [abs].
  • Jones, AAD; Xie, Z; Webster, TJ, A hierarchical integration pyramid to increase translation of biomaterials based on recent successes in multiscale synthetic biomaterials research, Current Opinion in Biomedical Engineering, vol 10 (2019), pp. 89-96 [10.1016/j.cobme.2019.04.005] [abs].
  • Jones, A-AD; Buie, CR, Continuous shear stress alters metabolism, mass-transport, and growth in electroactive biofilms independent of surface substrate transport., Scientific Reports, vol 9 no. 1 (2019) [10.1038/s41598-019-39267-2] [abs].
  • Jones, A-AD; Mi, G; Webster, TJ, A Status Report on FDA Approval of Medical Devices Containing Nanostructured Materials., Trends in Biotechnology, vol 37 no. 2 (2019), pp. 117-120 [10.1016/j.tibtech.2018.06.003] [abs].